Viking Cruises Cruise Ship and Cabin tour

Ahoy cruisers! Join us as we to the spectacular Viking Star Let’s start in the main atrium which spans over decks 1, 2 and 3. There’s a comfortable welcoming ambience with a quiet Scandinavian sophistication. Here we have the Viking living room. A perfect place to relax, have a drink and unwind. Grab your favorite tipple at the Viking Bar. There’s also a selection of light bytes available. The ship resembles an upscale hotel and with only 930 passengers she’s a small ship. The Explorers desk is the place to book the enriching excursions. Every space is utilised and here you will find the elements that represent Norway. Towards the aft of the ship we have Manfredi’s Italian restaurant. It’s one of the alternative dining venues. You need to book and there’s no extra cost. If you have a large group there’s even a private dining room. The kitchen table is an exclusive two part shopping excursion, cooking and dining experience with the chef. Next door we have the Chef’s Table, another alternative dining venue. Serving delicious five course meals. Heading towards the front of the ship we have the Viking shops and Salon.

At the very front of the ship we have the Nordic styled spa. Full access is included in the price of your cruise. It boasts a therapy pool, cold plunge pool, steam room, sauna and more. As well as the first snore grotto at sea. Next door you’ll find their fully equipped fitness centre. Let’s head up to deck 2 where you’ll find plenty more places to relax. We found that the whole ship was modern bright and thoughtfully designed throughout. Check out their live music from classical concerts to jazz and pop hits in the Tors Haven lounge. Towards the front of the ship we have more shops and the Star Theatre. Interactive screens are located throughout the ship… with deck plans, plus useful information about dining and activities.

There’s also the Viking Museum where you can learn about Nordic heritage. At the after the ship we have the large main dining room. There’s also a bar and access to deck 1. Let’s take a look at some of the cabins. First we have a Deluxe Veranda. These cabins are really spacious bright and thoughtfully designed. As you would expect with Scandinavian design, the bathrooms are very well laid out. Next, we have a Penthouse Veranda. It’s a more spacious room with a larger veranda. There is 2 US, 2 European and USB sockets in all of these rooms. With plenty of storage space.

Each group has a pod coffeemaker. Again, the bathrooms are very spacious and comfortable. Moving up to deck 7 we have the two deck Explorers lounge. You’ll also find Munson’s, it’s the ships deli Att the very front of the ship you’re offered spectacular views over two levels. Also on Dec 7 we have one of our favorite spots: the climate-controlled Winter Garden. It”s truly a spectacular venue covered by a Magradome roof. We loved all a special attention to details. Afternoon tea is also served in the winter garden. The main pool area which has a retractable roof and is the perfect place to swim, relax or eat. There’s a large pool and a hot tub with comfortable sun loungers. The pool bar and grille offers delicious freshly cooked food throughout the day. Towards the back of the ship we have the World Cafe which is the ship’s buffet. This isn’t any ordinary buffet, this is a Viking buffet. The delicious food on offer is special because of the superb quality. This includes hot and cold stations and mouth-watering desserts including gelato.

At the aft there’s a bar and an outdoor seating area. Complimentary beer wine and soft drinks are served during lunch and dinner. A hot tub and the very unique Viking infinity pool can be found at the very aft of the ship. On Deck 8 there’s plenty of places to soak up the sun. Deck 9 is the sports deck. Here you can find sports including shuffleboard, golf putting and a outdoor gym. There’s also a plenty of comfortable seating. So what did we think about the Viking Star? We were absolutely blown away by the elegance and sophistication of this ship. We really loved the thoughtful touches around the ship and how comfortable and welcoming she was.

The food was outstanding in every aspect and you will enjoy some of the best meals available at sea. The cabins are bright and incredibly spacious. We just loved how relaxing and calming the atmosphere of the ship was. We loved that the ship offered a complimentary spa, excursions, Drinks, Wi-Fi and alternative dining. We really can’t wait to be back on a Viking ship! Make sure you subscribe to us right now so you don’t miss out on any future videos. Thats it for this time. Until next time… Happy Cruising! .

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