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Tips for Finding the Best Holiday Travel Deals Online In New York, Bushville

5 - Tips for Finding the Best Holiday Travel Deals Online In New York, Bushville

Tips for Finding the Best Holiday Travel Deals Online  The internet provides us accessibility to nearly anything we could imagine. This consists of finding flights, trains, buses, resort rooms, and rental cars and trucks that we could utilize to take a trip for the vacations. While most of these entities are extra expensive when you travel over the holidays due the need, you could still discover some good deals if you take the time to look.  You will typically discover that you could save the most money […]

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Online Travel Agents vs. High Street Travel Agents

12 - Online Travel Agents vs. High Street Travel Agents

Once upon a time, when people wanted to book a holiday they went to see the travel agent. Usually found on a high street with heavy pedestrian traffic, the travel agent was the start of vacation dreams for several decades – until a new, flashier kid arrived on the block. With the advent of the internet age, life for travel agents and holidaymakers changed forever. Now, we can go online and find the best deals to suit us, all without paying a hefty arrangement fee to a […]

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Survive The Travel Agent Hard-Sell

13 - Survive The Travel Agent Hard-Sell

Estate agents have a worldwide reputation for exaggerating the good points of something they are trying to sell and downplaying the bad – but they’re not alone. This ‘selective editing’ tactic is used by any professional company trying to sell something; the trick is to learn to see through their statements and find the truth. When it comes to travel agents, it’s all the more difficult to trust them. For a start, unlike when you’re with a realtor, you aren’t there to view the hotel you will […]

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The Ever-Increasing Popularity of Air Travel

Ever since the determinedly brave Wright Brothers made the first unassisted flight aboard their plane Kitty Hawk, man has been taking to the sky (and beyond) so as to explore the world. Air travel is fastly becoming the biggest of all the transportation industries, allowing people to shrink the world and go from one hemisphere to another in a matter of hours. Air travel is one of the most convenient ways to move from place to place. First and foremost, there is the speed: most airplanes have […]

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The Downside of Travel Guides

It’s safe to say that the vast majority of us book a holiday to a place where we ‘like the sound of’. Destinations tend to be spread by word of mouth, when other people enjoy their vacation and tell their friends – or the entire internet. Yet oddly, when we’ve booked this people-recommended holiday, many of us then go and by a travel guide from a book retailer. This might not seem that odd, but in reality it is. We take a tip given by a genuine, […]

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